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Kim Pickett's workshops are held in the Philadelphia area.
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Animal Communication (Level 1 and Level 2):
Human Energy Field

Would you like to have a conversation with your pets and understand their needs better? Imagine being able to hear and know what animals are thinking and feeling. Each of us has the ability to do so, if we learn how to open our intuitive/telepathic faculties. In the level 1 workshop, during the morning, we relax the mind, and practice with exercises to awaken and trust our inner knowing. We learn to listen, allowing words, thoughts, images and feelings to help us understand our animal's perspective. Later in the afternoon, we telepathically connect with animals (participants may bring or work from photos). In level 2, we learn about advanced theories such as morphic fields (which connect us all) and nature spirits, as well as communicating with animal friends who have passed on or who are at a distance. We discuss death and dying, as well as how to help lost animals.

Level 1 and Level 2 are each a one-day format (10AM-4PM). $85/95 Sign Me Up!

Horse As Healer 1*: The Intuitive Body!:

This unique workshop is designed to help participants more deeply connect with their senses and their energetic patterns, through an intimate connection with a prey animal, the horse! Participants have reported experiencing their body in a whole new way and feeling energy move under their hands. The skills learned in this workshop are excellent for dogs, cats, horses, and OURSELVES! This entire workshop is experiential and hands on, held in the barn, working with the large canvas of the horse. Take your new awareness home to your dog or cat! Many repeat this experience 3, 4, 5 times, and take more home each time.\

* No experience with horses is necessary

"Today was remarkable! Both clinic and Horse As Healer (HAH) were great as always, but the two combined was AWESOME! Having had the body work done before the workshop I was able to experience HAH in a new way and things were all that much more clear! No matter how many times I go to HAH it is always a new, exciting and great learning experience. I would attend it everyday if I could. I just wanted to thank you so much for being you. Your hands, touch, aura are so healing, so soothing."
  ~ KM

This workshop is a two-hour format.
$50 bring a friend discount/ $54 regular fee. Sign Me Up!

Horse As Healer 2*: The Intuitive Body!:

This workshop provides an opportunity to explore the energetic exchange between beings. Horses are huge, grounded beings and are the perfect backdrop from which to explore the invisible thread which connects us all. Enculturation has encouraged humans to disconnect from certain instincts that the horses have retained. You will find it easy to determine the exact point that will help your dog or horse "unravel" their "bundle" patterns in their core. We will "find" the points, "fit" the points, determine the level of force, determine "tissue direction" and "follow-thru", when coming off the point! In opening circle we will review the skills learned Horse As Healer level 1, and then proceed.

* No experience with horses is necessary

This workshop is a two-hour format.
$50 bring a friend discount/ $54 regular fee. Sign Me Up!

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