A Word of Thanks

First and foremost, I must thank Mom and Dad for providing a loving, consistent, and structured household through which I could develop and grow. Thanks Dad for the constant reminder that “You are the mistress of your own destiny!” and thanks Mom for being great at everything you do, including “Horse Show Mom” throughout my childhood.

Best Horse Show Mom in the World! Dad, Lee, Kim and a few dogs on the deck

And to my sister, Lee, who without a doubt is the most compassionate veterinarian and advocate for our small furry four-leggeds friends! Many thanks for all your good work in our world.

Next, it just wouldn’t be fair not to mention my twin, and womb-mate, Terri. We have grown much together, and she has tended to me as I have tended to her. I suspect our lifetimes together are endless, and for that I am forever grateful.

Thanks brother Scott for all your computer expertise and “big brother” advice.

Most of all, I’d like to thank my clients, the brave souls willing to travel the terrain of the Body/Mind, and allowing me as privileged guide. From you I have learned the most.

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