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Kim's Animal Workshops

Totally human and captivating, Kim Pickett inspires, clarifies, and leads. She galvanizes participants of her workshops along their path of self-development. Participants enjoy her clear, concise, dramatic style.

Sponsoring Kim Pickett allows you to build relationships with like minded others. You also will attend the workshops at no cost, and you or your pet will receive a private healing session with Kim.

A minimum of two days of workshops, held on a weekend, is generally required. Private sessions with Kim may be requested for day(s) preceding or following the workshops. A minimum of 10-12 prepaid participants is necessary in order to travel to provide a workshop experience.

Typically an Animal Communication Level 1 and 2 workshop (each one day) is taught over a weekend. A different weekend experience can include the Five Steps to Intuitive Healing (1 day) and Chakras 101 (3 hrs) and/or Horse As Healer (2 hrs, small barn with horses necessary).

If private clients (human or companion animals) are scheduled, a small private space will be necessary and/or I will provide private consultations at a local barn if horses are to be seen.

First, we will decide upon a date well enough in advance (approximately 3 months) that people can sign up for the lower “early bird” workshop fees. You will locate a space (private home, church, school, recreation room, training facility) that can accommodate 12-15 people and possibly a few animals, if photos (preferable) are not acceptable to all. We will work with the animals (live or from photos that participants bring) after a late lunch. The room should have comfortable chairs, organized in a circle, a couple of tables, and be fairly quiet. We will agree upon a deadline for getting the minimum sign ups.

The secret to the success of this event is your willingness and ability to promote, promote, and promote this event! You can promote through flyers (I will create and electronically send to you) that should be posted in health food stores, tack and feed stores, local humane society, rescue organizations, holistic practitioner’s offices, metaphysical stores, pet motels, massage schools, veterinarians, stables, dog grooming and training shops, pet shops, and community bulletin boards. Also, community bulletins, Internet bulletin boards and local newspapers will often receive and print press releases for the events. I can provide a press release, upon request. I am available to present a quick one-hour talk on Friday night on the intuitive/telepathic instrument in all of us, whether it is used for communication, healing, or manifestation. This may develop more last minute attendees and a base for future workshop experiences.

The flyer will direct participants to me in order to register. Once the workshop minimum has been met, I will send each participant the pre-workshop information, including directions to the workshop, which you will provide to me. I will screen any requests for bringing an animal to the workshop. You will become the contact person four or five days prior to the event.

It is recommended that the fees for these out of town workshops be posted at:

Animal Communication, Level 1 and Level 2:
$180 if received 2 months in advance, $190 if received 1 month in advance, $220 thereafter


Five Steps to Intuitive Healing (Day 1) and Chakras 101
(expanded to 4 hours on Day 2):
$155 if received 2 months in advance, $165 if received 1 month in advance, $185 thereafter


Five Steps to Intuitive Healing (Day 1) and Chakras 101 (3 hours on Day 2 in AM) and Horse As Healer (2 hours on Day 2 in PM):
$180 if received 2 months in advance, $190 if received 1 month in advance, $220 thereafter

Fees are nonrefundable unless the workshop is cancelled. Participants can transfer their workshop spot to someone else, or can use the fee for products or services from me.

Once the workshop minimum has been met, we can complete the final details. You will arrange for beverages and light snacks for the participants. They will be instructed to bring a bag lunch. You will provide a place for me to stay while I am there, if possible, and arrange for transportation to and from the airport.

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