Animal Communication CD / Audio Tape (Level 1):How many times have you felt that your pet had something to say to you, or that s/he seemed to know what you were going through, and was right there through it all, often times sitting at your feet?

Many of us feel this way. As our pets become more of a comfort for us, in a world of uncertainty, we owe it to them to build a bridge of understanding. The AVMA states that more than 60% of America’s 58 million households have a pet, however we are not able understand their deepest needs and desires. Yet, 84% of pet owners surveyed state that pets make their family and home life physically and emotionally healthier.

It has been found that dog owners have a greater chance to survive after suffering from a serious illness. Several studies have discovered that pet owners who suffered from a heart attack were more likely to be alive a year after they were discharged from the hospital than those who did not own pets. A New York study found that pets affected the patient’s survival rate even more than the presence or company of family members or friends.

Journey with me to a place deep within, beyond old wounds and betrayals, where you can connect again to our Source, a place where unconditional love allows us all to meet. There we two-legged humans, and those on all fours, meet through a language that is of the heart.

To get there, we must allow ourselves to re-connect with our body, through which we connect to the animal world. Through this means animals can offer guidance, wisdom, and support. Through honesty, congruence, and imagination we can reach clarity, giving the animals a space to communicate – to tell us what they see and feel about us, our actions, our conditions.

Mutually, then we can offer our animals a way to explain how we can support them, whether it is fear of a medical procedure, or the need for clarity about our lives away from home.

After a threat or trauma has passed, animals discharge excess energy in various ways—shaking, roaring, bawling, and shrieking, snorting, sighing, belching, expelling gas, defecating, or urinating. Humans, by comparison, have a highly developed cortex that often causes them to override their instinctive responses to stress. Rather than discharging excess tension, humans tend to bind it in.

Animals living in the households with humans often mirror the suppressive human response to stress. Physical and emotional manifestations can result when instinctive responses are stifled. When feelings such as fear, anger, or grief are not allowed to dissipate via simple, natural processes, they can build up in the body and overwhelm the nervous system with tension

In Animal Communication “Talk To Your Animal!” Audio Program
Kim helps relax your mind, ground your intuitive/telepathic self, and reclaim your innate abilities. Through exercises and practices designed to awaken and trust your inner knowing, you learn to listen, allowing words, thoughts, images and feelings to help you understand your animal's perspective. It is easy to begin to experience your pet through this new lens! Enjoy this unique workshop experience, and telepathically connect with your animal! This is a wonderful offering, with unforgettable, heartwarming stories of animal friends!

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