Natural Care: Using Herbal And Homeopathic Treatments

Our foods are suppose to provide the fuel through which our bodies thrive. Unfortunately, due to huge changes in access to whole, non-processed, and non-cooked foods, with every generation of enzyme-less, nutrient poor foods, we are seeing more and more degenerative disease, and at earlier and earlier ages.

Nutritional deficiencies and improper diet can cause or contribute to many health problems such as tiredness, chronic fatigue, respiratory problems, digestive troubles, high cholesterol, heart problems, depression, hyperactivity and many other chronic health problems. These health conditions affect how we look and feel every day, and affect our experience of life.

Consider Dr. Pottenger's (MD) studies on more than 900 cats over a ten year period to determine what effects cooked and processed foods have on the body and it's genetic propensity of passing degenerative disease traits from generation to generation. By the fourth generation, the cats began dying or unable to reproduce! Many of us could be considered being similar to the "third generation" Pottenger cats!

Dr. Pottenger's cats study gives insight into why children today are getting degenerative diseases that used to only show up in humans at an age of 50 years or older.

Genetic Potential

Diseases are not inherited; rather only the tendency or potential of a disease is passed on from parents to offspring. The disease tendency is transferred by way of the genetic code. A genetic tendency is only a potential disease though. A genetic weakness does not have to manifest as a disease unless there are factors that exploit that weakness (poor diet, for example).

Bioenergetic testing can identify what is missing (in your diet and/or in your body's ability to create it's own support) and supply it, before the deficit develops into disease.

Because so many bodies are starving for real nutrition, the undue stress that we endure wears us down. When the body is tired, it can rob energy from the adrenals, and the thyroid.The number one issue I see is hypo-thyroid. Often the body asks for supplemental iodine and/or mineralization. All of this is easy to supply, and provides considerable secondary benefits throughout the various systems of the body. Adrenal overload is also common and must be supported for a body to thrive. Our individual response to stress is equally important, and that can be explored in private consultation, seperate from the Bioenergetic testing time.

The energy depletion that many experience as lethargy or weakness reflects the status of our immune systems, which have become compromised. Under such circumstances we become good "hosts" to any manner of microbes that constantly assault us. A healthy immune system is designed to handle almost any microbe, but unfortunately, it is designed in a way that requires a healthy, clean-burning fuel (food) source. Because of this ever-increasing lack, it is best to identify the specific systems that are in need of nourishment, and provide the exact nutrient that is needed. With that specific support, the intelligence of the body can be activated, and healing happens!

Once Bioenergetic testing has identified the areas of deficit in your body, whole food nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, or herbal supplements may be recommended to assist you to heal and restore your body's balance. These products are not sold over the counter in retail stores. They are used strictly by health care professionals.

Bioenergetic testing allows one to obtain a completely individualized program- not a 'shot-gun' or a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. We will identify exactly what your body needs, so that a program can be custom designed to help you regain your health and well-being.

Sometimes, food allergies and sensitivities are identified. Food allergy is a complex issue. It is not just a yes or no situation. Various types of food reactions have been described, including the following:

Fixed allergy-A person with a fixed food allergy will react to that substance each time they come into contact with it, often even with a very tiny exposure. It doesn't matter how long it has been since the last exposure, re-exposure will still produce a reaction

Cumulative allergy-A person with a cumulative allergy to foods will only react to a specific food when they ingest enough of it to exceed their allergy threshold for that specific food. It may take a substantial amount of that food to evoke a reaction. A specific food may be tolerated just fine one day, but if ingested the next day will likely produce a significant reaction.

Variable allergy-A person with variable allergies may react at certain times when eating a food, but tolerate it well on other occasions. Some people react to specific foods when certain pollens are in the air, but not at other times. This may represent a complex cumulative response to common antigenic material in several foods, or a reaction to a combination of a food and a pollen. Some women react adversely to certain foods during a particular phase of the menstrual cycle, or during pregnancy. In most cases, the reason for the variability is not clear.

Once the food allergy has been identified, elimination of that substance is required for a period of time, before re-introducing in small, controlled amounts. Sometimes the body will test for an herbal or homeopathic treatment to calm the body's response down to the offending food. This is identified through Bioenergetic testing.

Bioenergetic Testing and Herbal/Homeopathic Treatments are recommended for the following disorders:

Allergies Digestive Complaints
(malabsorbtion, ulcers,
inflammations, irritabilities)
Respiratory Issues Viruses
Arthritis Food Allergies Sinusitis Weight Gain/Loss
Asthma Immune Deficiency Soft Tissue Disorders Yeast/Fungal Overgrowth
Bacterias Itching/Scratching Stress
Bone and Skeletal Issues Nerve Damage Skin disorders
Cancer Neuromuscular Complaints Throat
Candida Reproductive Disorders
Chronic Pain Organ System Functions TMJ
Depression Parasites Trauma
Diabetes Pre/Post Operative (animals too!) Vascular Issues (arterial and venous)

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