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Kim Pickett Consultations For Dogs

Dogs live intimately with us in our households, and thus, can sometimes present interesting challenges for us. As puppies, they need regular, consistent guidance in order to develop into a solid citizen, with self esteem and confidence. As mature dogs they need regular exercise, healthy foods, and a developmental continuation. This continual maturation can occur in the household, out hunting, performing any manner of dog sports (flyball, agility, freestyle, coursing, frisbee, etc) or being a therapy dog or service dog.

Every dog is different, but many dogs thrive on caring for us, watching and studying us. It is of great concern to our dogs when we are out of balance. During such times a private session is a good idea. Other times would be when there are physical or emotional problems. I strongly recommend EVERY DOG have a private session BEFORE (not after!) BEFORE their SPAY/NEUTER procedure.

Our dogs can be as intelligent as we are with them. When I'm going out the door I'll tell my dogs, "Let's see now...I'm going to the YMCA, then the store, and then a quick stop at the bank. Then I'll be home!" I expect them to do the math, and figure out when to expect me! Of course, we built up to that, introducing each destination separately over time, but they will rally to whatever level you help them achieve!

Kim Pickett Consultations For Dogs

The balance between freedom and responsibility is important to keep on our radar, with the dogs. As a pack animal, it is important for all the members of the pack to feel safe. As the alpha, your dog will feel more secure, more comfortable learning from you the limits of acceptable behaviors. Giving feedback, being applauded for good behaviors (specific praise tied to specific learned words of action), or receiving regular guidance on acceptable behaviors will develop confidence and earnestness in your dog.

Kim Pickett Consultations For Dogs

Sometimes, animals are traumatized or abused, and they become chronically stressed animals. This internalized stress can show itself in different ways. A dog can perceive potential injury when there is none. Hence, his "guard is up" so to speak. This is similar to a fear-biter. Often, helping the dog begin to trust his own bodily sensations, through a unique set of exercises, allows him to trust again. Come in for a private session with your dog, or schedule a session over the phone to help your dog settle into a more pliable state, and to produce a calm state of mind and body. Your dog can learn to lower his guard.

A session 2-3 weeks prior to a spay or neuter procedure, or any other voluntary procedure, is highly recommended.

When bringing your dog for a private session, whether it be for energy/bodywork or Bioenergetic testing, please keep your dog quiet and settled. Do not encourage your dog to be excited, because of the nature of the work we do. It is best to help your dog settle.


The bond we develop with our pets is more wonderful and rewarding than challenging, and this unique relationship allows us to share and express our pure selves, without feeling the need to defend our actions or feelings. It is an active reaching out and sharing of life with another living being who happens not to be human.

There are many emotions that arise from the loss of a pet. Among them can be shock, disbelief, anger, and guilt. Under such circumstances, a session can help YOU, which in turn helps your pet, as they are close by when you are out of balance or grieving.

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Why use Bioenergetic Testing and Treatments with Herbals and Homeopathics?

All too often I see an animal that the veterinarians cannot cure. When my dog Freud, became profoundly ill he spent several days in the veterinary ICU. They suggested exploratory surgery to aid their failing diagnosis. My reaction was, "What?!"

No information came from the pictures and blood tests, Freud didn't respond to "standard protocols," and they were afraid he might die. The bad news was that if he didn't have an obstruction that the xray couldn't see, the "exploratory" surgery could kill him.

I was losing confidence in my vet so I immediately picked up my dog from the ICU and took him home against their better judgement. Fortunately for me and for Freud, my client, Dr. Sky Monarch, had been doing testing on humans for many years. She looked at Freud, heard my story, and said "I'll fix him!" And fix him she did!

Her testing revealed a bacteria that all the antibiotics hadn't killed, and it identified exactly what would kill the bacteria. Freud got better fast! This was enough for me and I soon began training and studying many forms of neurological testing. Since then I have seen miracle after miracle in treating humans, dogs, cats, and horses.

Bioenergetic testing is helpful for:
Abuse Chronic Pain Organ System Functions Throat
Allergies Depression Parasites TMJ
Arthritis Diabetes Pre/Post Operative (spay/neuter) Trauma
Asthma Digestive Complaints
(malabsorbtion, ulcers,
inflammations, irritabilities)
Reproductive Disorders Vascular Issues (arterial and venous)
Bacterias Food Allergies Respiratory Issues Viruses
Behavior Modification Immune Deficiency Sinusitis Weight Gain/Loss
Bone and Skeletal Issues Itching/Chewing Soft Tissue Disorders Yeast/Fungal Overgrowth
Cancer Nerve Damage Stress
Candida Neuromuscular Complaints Skin disorders
Pets, like people, need exercise to reduce the risk of obesity and other ailments.
Hint for good testing: Please refrain from wearing black clothing.
Hint for easy and fast feeding of supplements: Go to Target and buy a new (no coffee smell please!) coffee grinder for about $13! Throw the capsules and the tablets in whole, and push the button. Within seconds all supplements are a soft, smooth powder, ready to be added to feed!

Overview of Consultation Session - Animal

People and their animal friends seek out Kim for four main reasons:

Kim recognizes that underlying psycho/spiritual issues are the root to behavioral and/or physical complaints, and engages with your animal friend accordingly. Physical issues receive evaluation of the animal's biomechanics, structural alignment, tissue tension, emotional status, and organ systems reveal the underlying dysfunctional pattern. Sessions are oriented toward unwinding the underlying pattern via the somatic structures, and then 'spotlighting' the higher functioning pattern into the brain/nervous system. Bioenergetic testing with nutritional protocols offered.

For most healing sessions with a cat, dog, bird or reptile, we will meet in a quiet comfortable private room. Kim partners with her animal clients as an advocate for their healing. Sessions are energetically robust. Allow the animal quiet and peace before and after the session.

As we read in Ecclesiastes: Indeed, the fate of man and beast is identical; one dies, the other too, and both have the same breath; man has no advantage over the beast, for all is vanity. Both go to the same place; both originate from the dust and to the dust both return. Who knows if the spirit of man mounts upward or if the spirit of the beast goes down to the earth? (3:19-21, Jerusalem Bible)

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