Clinic for Humans

At Clinic, I help your body pay attention to itself, it's tension patterns, and to find new ways of dissipating that tension, rather than storing it in the body armor. Through a unique blend of bodywork and energetic techniques, your body learns new ways of responding to tension, and leaves feeling deeply relaxed.

Picture this: Soft, inspirational music, low lighting, deep breathing, calm sighing, and Peace!

All touch is intended to:

At Clinic, I work between three massage tables, allowing your body to receive “input” and then have time to integrate it. Being communicated with in this way, your body has more opportunity to integrate the relaxation response into normal living. You will have a deep relaxation experience, and your body will progressively unwind.

Here is how it works:

Schedule an appointment for clinic.

Enter at the front door and remove your shoes. Make yourself at home. Use the bathroom upstairs or downstairs. Come downstairs before or at the time of your appointment.

You can hang your jacket at the bottom of the steps on the right.

When your massage table opens up, proceed to it and put your personal belongings underneath your table. Sit on the table, with your feet dangling over the side, and breathe. I will proceed to you.

Please Note that everyone's process is different. Please focus on your body, your breath, and your discharge.
This is a safe opportunity to explore self-care in a new way.

Kim is: an energy worker, bodyworker, and intuitive who has studied bodywork and energetic techniques for the past 30 years. Her energetic studies include Five-Element Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Taoist Healing Techniques, and Reiki. Her somatic studies include Alexander Technique, Myo-Fascial Release, T-Touch, BioEnergetics, Myotherapy, and Wilhelm Reich’s Structural/Character Analysis. Yoga (Hatha, Kundalini, and Bikram), Meditation, Breathwork (Mongolian, Taoist), Past-Life Regression, as well as Animal Communication, all contribute to Kim’s ability to link Body/Mind/Spirit in a healing session.

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel to avoid being charged for an appointment, thank you.

$60 for One Full Hour

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