About Bioenergetics Healing
Every being has what is called an energy field. This field of energy surrounds us and undulates through each of our cells. In wave-like fashion, this energy field serves as our body's operating system. Kim Pickett's healing work begins with a thorough evaluation of an individual's energy field.
Like the physical body, the energetic body has a precise structure and anatomy. This energetic body is organized within a system composed of seven frequencies. Each frequency correlates to one of the body's seven energetic centers. Vital energy should flow naturally up and down the spine with some energy radiating from each center, peaking at the top, and down out through the bottom too. Using her unique and integrated blend of energy-based bodywork systems, Kim speaks to the body in its own powerful language. The intelligence of the body recognizes this language and responds dynamically.
In musical terms, each frequency represents one octave. Still thinking musically, imagine a flute with seven finger holes. In order to play a beautiful, integrated melody, the sound emitted through each hole in the flute must resonate fully. If any of the seven holes is blocked or even slightly constricted, the resulting melody will be distorted. Likewise, the body's energy centers must be wide-open if a being, human or animal is to resonate at full potential.
Through gentle manipulation, Kim tracks where and how the flow of energy has been interrupted in the body. With the information she gains from this tracking process, she is able to tailor healing regimens that meet the individual needs of her clients. The intelligence of the bioenergetic field that permeates every physical body has an organizing influence on living tissue. Disruption of the bioenergetic field creates missing connections (dissociation) between the energetic body and its corresponding physical body. These missing connections result in physical disease, loss of physical energy, or an inability of the physical body to heal. In short, missing connections between the energetic and the physical body deprive the physical body of the information it needs to maintain its form and function.
What causes these missing connections? Various stresses create a residue of charged energy that, if ignored, can lead to dissociation between the energetic body and the physical body. Emotional or physical trauma, surgery, environmental stress, medications, and habitual, negative emotional and mental patterns are stresses that can deplete a physical body.
Kim "reads" the energetic body and finds the missing connections that are manifesting as physical dysfunction. Having identified the areas of dissociation, Kim assists her clients in re-establishing these crucial connections and reclaiming physical wholeness.
Bioenergetic Healing is compatible with any medication, therapy or treatment and is designed to support the body's recovery on a myriad of levels. Kim works to help individuals in successfully dealing with physical issues.
Working with a practitioner of alternative healing such as Kim (a medical intuitive), does not prevent an individual from simultaneously seeing a medical doctor. A medical intuitive cannot legally diagnose and prescribe treatment. If an individual is experiencing a medical condition, Kim urges that they see a medical doctor in addition to any work Kim, herself, might undertake. It is also true that Kim's approach to healing may be of great value when Western medicine cannot find a solution or progress seems unusually slow.

The Healing Crisis…

You’ve decided to clean up your act. You’re eating more nutritiously, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep. Congratulations! You’ve set the stage for a healing crisis! The wholesome support you are giving your body will pay off in the long run, but chances are good that you will experience a healing crisis before you begin to reap all the benefits of your new regimen.

No doctor, patient, or food can bring on a healing crisis. When the body is ready, nature will take over to cleanse and release the bound energy that has been the obstacle to healing.

A healing crisis can move through a body slowly or rapidly depending on a person’s constitution, nervous system and what they have earned. One earns crisis through hard work. It is the result of sacrifice—giving up bad habits and choosing to be more in sync with nature.

Each person’s healing crisis is unique. The experience can range from harsh to gentle according to what is possible and appropriate for a specific body. Some crises come in the form of backaches, skin rashes, car accidents, joint pains, diarrhea, or dental problems. Some people experience all of these symptoms but usually not simultaneously. A healing crisis may move from one part of the body to another, or it may localize in an area the body has targeted for cleansing and rejuvenation. The healing crisis allows the body to rid itself of old tissue and acids that have accumulated over a period of years or even decades.

Human Energy Field

The exchange of old tissue for new happens only when new tissue is radiating its vitality. The old tissue has exhausted itself and the new, built from life-giving foods and health-building processes, has grown stronger than the old, abused tissue. The tissue built from poor food and destructive living habits will eventually be overpowered by the tissue created from natural foods and life-affirming habits.

A healing crisis is actually a blessing—an accelerated opportunity to move toward wholeness, to honor the body's intrinsic, self-healing power, and to allow those potent powers to dominate.

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