Bioenergetic Bodywork
Kim is an energy worker, body worker, and intuitive who has studied bodywork and energetic techniques for the past 35 years. Her energetic studies include Five-Element Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Taoist Healing Techniques, and Reiki. Her somatic studies include Alexander Technique, Myo-Fascial Release, T-Touch, BioEnergetics, Myotherapy, and Wilhelm Reich's Structural/Character Analysis. Yoga (Hatha, Kundalini, and Bikram), Meditation, Breathwork (Mongolian, Taoist), Past-Life Regression, as well as Animal Communication, all contribute to Kim's ability to link Body/Mind/Spirit in a healing session. Yoga, dance, chanting and meditation help Kim stay attuned.
Using her decades of experience, Kim has the ability to "unwind" the core of a body, allowing joints, tendons, ligaments, organs and glands to follow in the opening process. Spinal cord tension accumulates from core tension, and this accompanies what we call "the aging process". Reversing this process through core unwinding frees up the body's intelligence, for healing and for recognizing what is conducive to good health! All beings can benefit from such profound clearing, including dogs, horses, and cats!
Wild animals discharge excess energy in various ways-shaking, roaring, bawling, shrieking, snorting, sighing, belching, expelling gas, defecating, or urinating-after a threat or trauma has passed. Humans, by comparison, have a highly developed neocortex that often causes them to override their instinctive responses to stress. Often, opening discharge and release channels are necessary to promote health.
Similarly, animals living with humans often mirror the suppressive human response to stress and experience the physical and emotional manifestations that result when instinctive responses are stifled. When feelings such as fear, anger, or grief are not allowed to dissipate via simple, natural processes, they can build up in the body until they overwhelm the nervous system, create dissociation between the energetic and physical body, and "lock in" chronic physical and/or emotional dysfunctions.
Kim "reads" the energetic body and finds the missing connections that are manifesting as physical dysfunction. Having identified the areas of dissociation, Kim assists her clients in re-establishing these crucial connections and reclaiming physical wholeness.

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