About Kim Pickett / Horsewoman - Animal Intuitive

For more than thirty years, Kim Pickett has been a horse whisperer and intuitive healer. Her journey has taken her worldwide, helping animals of all kinds from world-class competitive horses, to birds, reptiles and donkeys in the rain forest.

Wolfie the horse and Kim

Kim's experience in the equestrian world includes training at the Yorkshire Riding Centre with British Olympic Squad members Christopher and Jane Bartle, where she was certified by the British Horse Society. She also ran a horse training facility in Northern Ireland and traveled the European continent exploring various forms of classical training.

At home in the United States, Kim imported horses from Europe and owned her own facility while enjoying such notable clients as Jackie Onassis, Senator John Warner (husband of Liz Taylor) and national and international horses under the tutelage of George Morris. Kim qualified for the screening trials to train with the U.S. Olympic team.

Amos and Kim

Kim studied with George Morris, trainer and winner of much Olympic gold and the largest monetary purse in show jumping. She also trained with two-time World Champion and five-time U.S. Olympic veteran, Bruce Davidson, as well as Olympians Ralph Hill, Denny Emerson, Major Jeremy Beale, and Jimmy Wofford. Kim studied interspecies communication with Penelope Smith, and the animals themselves.

Kim jumping

Kim collaborates with horses to help facilitate the personal journeys of humans into the ancient parts of themselves that resonate deep within. When standing face to face with the genuine nature of the horse, one easily and naturally becomes calm and centered. We ground, with the help of the horse, and fall into our authenticity.

Other Animal Friends

Kim enjoys being in the company of all of creation's creatures, from under the ocean to the tallest mountaintops. She has a very special bond with animals that few humans might understand.

Kim swam in the wide-open ocean with massive Grey Whales who surfaced alongside the boat she was living upon. Dolphins and a sperm whale brought their young to Kim in the open ocean, feeling safe to share in the delight!

Dogs & Cats

Dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles and birds are all intimate clients of Kimís. Kim has helped lost, sick, depressed, angry, rebellious, confused, frightened and dying animals find peace with their human companions.

A private conservation network hired Kim to habituate a group of mountain gorillas in Rwanda. However, after the assassination of the Rwandan president, which triggered a massive frenzy of Hutu extremists slaughtering an estimated 800,000 people in just 100 days (mostly Tutsis), the operation was cancelled.

Traveling home from church one Sunday morning, Kim noticed the circus was in town. She made her way to the "backside" and within fifteen minutes, in her yellow dress and white pumps, she was atop a ladder with broom in hand, happily scrubbing and bathing the topside of an elephant friend.

Kim offers Animal Communication workshops for humans to better understand the desires and needs of animal pets, and consultations.

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