About Kim Pickett / Adventurer

Kim has traveled to wild and primitive parts of both herself and the world. Personal tragedy inspired her to live fully in the present moment. She has ventured into the depths of rainforests to live among indigenous natives, and was equally at home above the Arctic Circle, camping on Arctic permafrost.

Rainforest Rainforest

Rustic life, civil struggle, and living in a gypsy caravan are all part of Kim’s postgraduate year riding and working in Northern Ireland. From there she traveled solo through Africa, Yugoslavia, Greece, and most of Europe. She has enjoyed repeated explorations of Central and South America, the Pacific, North America, Africa, and Europe, from the bottom of the oceans to the mountaintops and beyond. She has journeyed with camels thru the desert, horses above timberline, donkeys in the rainforest, in hollowed out tree trunks where few white women have been before, in balloons, sailboats, powerboats, and other sorts of transport.

Knowledge and wisdom are cultivated from such personal journeys.

Scuba Red Sea

As a highly creative mystic at heart, Kim has studied varied forms of yoga and dance to support her body/mind connection. From Sufism to Samba, Modern to West African, Disco to Belly and beyond!! Kims yoga studies include Hatha, Kripalu, Kundalini, Bikram, Taoist, and Ashtanga.

Kim sings with a 100-voice choir, with orchestra, and sang for many years with the top international medium-sized acapella chorus, Valley Forge Sweet Adelines. Kim is also an experienced storyteller, and has performed her dramatic monologues at local venues.

Now, from the rolling hills of Chester County where she grew up, she is now surrounded by family and friends, and invites you on an inspirational, courageous pilgrimage to your own personal renewal. Contact us!

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